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In this live-in internship and ministry leadership training program, you will dwell together in a communal housing environment (discipleship house) and will engage in various house churches and corporate gatherings. You will contribute into the lifestyle of the Way Community as servant leaders.

You will engage in a lifestyle of Christianity which takes salvation, healing, deliverance and miracles as part of the daily life of the believer and pursues a lifestyle of growing in the fruits of the Spirit, character, holiness, power and love. 

As part of this apostolic company of believers and as members of The Greenhouse, you will also be heavily involved in evangelism and missions; with with opportunities for missions trips throughout the year.

Through intensive study of the scripture and other resources, you will be rooted firmly in the doctrines of Christ to be ready to launch into your next season. This is a live-in discipleship program that requires a high level of commitment to spiritual growth and to the community of believers. Only those interested in this kind of training should apply and continue with this application.


Welcome to The Greenhouse.
A live-in discipleship experience with the Way Community  from Bendigo, Australia. Hosting a strong emphasis around family, intimacy with God, development within your individual calling in life, and experiencing the fullness of life with Christ. The aim of this intentional year is to see YOU step deeper into who you are called to be in Christ.




The Way Community

The Way Community has a unique spiritual culture. It is one of the most vibrant revivalist communities in the country and has a proven history of rapidly raising up, empowering, equipping and releasing leaders who are going to nations throughout the world. We have a strong prophetic culture with an emphasis on worship, prayer and encounter. We believe that we offer a transformational and accelerated ministry development opportunity for those who are hungry to prepare themselves to live life devoted to the work of the Kingdom of God.


Todd Hunter

In Ephesisans 4:11-13, Paul puts a call to key leaders within the Body of Christ to be effective in equipping, training and releasing all believers into their gifts calling and purpose under the direction and inspiration of the Holy Spirit; to bring those believers to a level of maturity that they are matching the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ. We believe that the Holy Spirit has placed a specific calling on this community of believers to perform this task in particular. The Kingdom of God needs leaders that have been prepared and tools to move quickly and decisively, who know the heart and the voice of God, and have real-world experience leading and ministering to others. Such equipping is not found in a classroom surrounded by many other students, but is found in being able to walk with and work alongside leaders as Silas did with Paul. I invite you to do this with me. As we lead people into salvation, healing and deliverance; as we teach and leading people into the Kingdom of God, I invite you to come and live and work with us and become the spiritual leader you know you are called to be.

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You will engage in a 40 week program beginning
in February 2023 and concluding in December 2023. 

You will work enough hours in the week
(casual/part-time, approx. 20 hrs a week) to both
support yourself and engage purposefully in ministry.

The 40 week program will run alongside school terms
to allow you to have holiday breaks to see family,
fund-raise and keep to your study schedule
(mission trips permitting). Your weekly routine
will include individual & occasional group devotional times with the Lord. Committed engagement with house churches
in the community, regular outreach ministry, weekly
apostolic teaching and serving at main meetings.




You will have a mentor assigned to you for monthly one-on-one input from out of the leadership of The Way Community. Mentors will do all they can to encourage each disciple in their growth and fruitfulness. Jesus’ way of teaching was highly relational and we recognise that some of the most important qualities are caught rather than taught. 

 Along with other leaders and members of the community, these relationships will be there to offer support and to help you process the materials and experiences you are learning.

Discipleship House

The purpose of the house is:

  • to create an atmosphere where you can focus on your studies and ministry with minimal distractions 

  • where you can live in a culture of kingdom family and community with discipline and accountability 

  • contributing to the needs of fellow house mates and the wider community

  • to participate in shared devotional & worship/prayer times 

  • where you will share meals, house chores & responsibilities 

  • training will also take place around practical things such as caring for the property you inhabit and general household & domestic care


Ministry Training

You will engage in ministry on a range of levels:

  • take turns in leading devotional/worship times within the discipleship house

  • assist in the leadership of a house church

  • you will be involved in regular outreaches in the city and region

  • volunteer in our food bank

  • technical, logistical and admin training for church gatherings

  • local missions trip within Australia and an overseas missions trip

  • training from visiting internationally recognised ministries

  • deep-dive training and experience in the supernatural and spiritual gifts

  • training and experience in leading, worship and preaching



You will engage in extensive studies of the scriptures and read through the Bible in a year. You will also be assigned other books for study with assignments based on the materials you have read. You will participate in School of the Spirit, which will run on a week night where you will dive into deeper studies, activation's & training around life in the Kingdom of God.

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