Below you will discover endorsements from some of Australia's most prominent Christian leaders who are connected with our community, and some leaders who are known more broadly throughout the world.

Also see some testimonials from
Greenhouse students of 2019 and 2020.


Endorsements from our friends

Todd Weatherly
Senior Pastor at Field Of Dreams

Ken Fish
Kingdom Fire Ministries

Adam F. Thompson
Voice of Fire Ministries,
Co-writer of the Divinity Code

Endorsements from current and previous Greenhouse Students


Dan Lloyd

"Being constantly surrounded by and in relationship with laid down lovers of God who continually encourage and build me up in my faith has made The Greenhouse a truly special experience and one that I'll forever cherish."


Luke Hall

"Since joining The Greenhouse discipleship program I've been equipped to live a radical life of
faith, power and love in communion with the Spirit of Christ."

"The Greenhouse program has taken me to new depths of intimacy with the Father and new heights in the Spirit. Wherever you're at I encourage you to prayerfully consider this discipleship program."

Isaac Moore

Images Brayden.jpg

Brayden Johnson

"Limit pushing, life changing and very challenging. I encourage you to take the leap"


Stephanie Hunt

"I have loved being a part of a community where I have learned who I am in Christ, to grow & cultivate my life in Christ & walk in His image. I have found who He has created me to be. I have experienced God's radical love alongside a bunch of believers whose hearts are set on fire for God. The Greenhouse has transformed my life"

Images Lachie.jpg

"Laying down a year of intentional devotion to Jesus has radically changed my life. I’ve been empowered by the Spirit to walk in radical love and being sold out for the kingdom. If you want to grow, this program supports a radical, revivalist culture that will transform you in every single way"

Lachie Dawson

Image Matt 1.jpg

"The Greenhouse is a life altering, unique experience that has revolutionized my walk with God. Being in a environment where you are constantly challenged to grow in your character and your faith is a huge blessing and I can't recommend it enough for anyone who is serious about laying their life down for Christ.''

Matt Barling

Images Kim1.jpg

"How I have grown through being in this community and it has made an eternal difference to how I live - in Spirit, in intimacy with the Father, in faith. Ultimately, I have been transformed by His love."

Kim Wagenknecht


DEC 15TH 2020

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