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Thrive Tribe

Thrive Tribe is a year long course run by The Way Community, custom made for you to excel in leadership development and to be prepared for whatever God calls you into next.

You will be stretched, challenged, trained in and given opportunities to be involved in discipleship, evangelism, pastoral care, servanthood and so much more…we hope to see in you all what we saw in the life of Jesus.


Our purpose is not only to equip you for any and every situation God has prepared for you, but to see the character and person of Christ in your life manifest every day, whether in or outside of this program.


Our aim is to bring you to a place of heart transformation of which every activity flows out of – not just to teach you how to behave like Christ did, but live like He did. Because of this, the year will be somewhat organic as we follow the whispers of the Holy Spirit in how to lead you into whatever He wants to do.

Thrive Tribe will run every Friday through school terms and will involve intentionally diving into deeper studies of the scripture and other resources, activation's and training around life in the Kingdom of God. You will be rooted firmly in the doctrines of Christ to be ready to launch into your next season.

Find out more about what the Thrive Tribe is by clicking on 'THRIVE TRIBE PROSPECTUS'  and then click on the 'THRIVE TRIBE APPLICATION' button in order to apply.





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